The R4i SDHC for the Nintendo DSi console, it supports the latest firmware from Nintendo.


With the R4i you can not only play games and homebrew games but you can watch movies, listen to music, read books and even view photos. The R4i lets you take what was original a fairly specialised device and turn it into one that you can do almost anything with. Imagine being able to carry around a single device that would replace several devices at once. Well with the R4i you can do just that, it will completely revolutionise how you use your console and allow you to fully experience all the benefits that a DSi console owner can experience.

With the R4i you no longer have to be confined to one game type on your DS console, thanks to the R4i you can now play what are known as ‘homebrew’ games. These homebrew games can be found online and are specifically designed for the Nintendo DS range of consoles. Usually available for free download, these games as the name suggest have been created by someone with computer knowledge at home and often offer a great deal of entertainment.

Not only will you be able to play homebrew games but any other media file imaginable, the latest movies , photos and songs on your console and not to mention the latest bestsellers which can all be played back on the wonderful screen that the DSi console features. Currently the R4i is compatible with the latest Nintendo DSi, DSi XL, DS and DS lite consoles along with the latest firmware releases for them. This is thanks to constant updates from the R4i team which ensures your R4i will continue working well into the future.

In order to bring you the best satisfaction and guarantee for money we only stock official R4i-SDHC.com cards that offer the best quality and reliability and we receive constant feedback from our customers about how their cards are working. The R4i is available with a range of memory cards too, so you are sure to find a card that is ideal for your needs and what you wish to store onboard.