R4 3DS

The R4 3DS for the 3DS / 2DS console and also works with the older DSi, DSi XL and DS consoles.

So what separates the R4i from the R4 3DS?

Well the R4 3DS was designed to work with the newer 3DS console from Nintendo and as a result it offers improved user interface and faster loading times. With support for a Micro SDHC memory card, just like the original R4i, the R4 3DS allows you to store hours of data all on a single memory chip, which can easily fit into your pocket (it is the size of a small coin).

WIth the R4i SDHC 3DS card it has never been easier to keep yourself entertained and it is the perfect companion for your 3DS or 3DS XL console. The slot 1 device comes with support for all your favourite movies, photos, videos, music and even take your ebooks with you and read them on the console.


To begin using the R4i you will need connect it to your PC using the included Micro SD/SDHC memory card reader which neatly connects the memory card to the PC. Once connected you then simply choose the files you wish to bring with you on your 3DS and click and drag them onto the memory card itself. Once on the memory card you can insert it into the R4i-SDHC 3DS which fits into the slot 1 on the 3DS console, this is where you would have previously put your game cartridges in the past.

After you have inserted the R4 3DS simply select it from the menu and follow the onscreen steps, the whole process takes a matter of minutes and can be completed by anyone with a PC or laptop, or even access to either of these items.

Before choosing which R4 3DS bundle suits you it is recommended that you have a think about what you plan on storing on the memory card, for small collections of media files you can go for a 2GB memory card, but for anything larger we would recommend either a 4GB or 8GB memory card, with 4GB being enough for most people.